L. Louise is on the move....

Shameless Selfie in Toronto

This is going to be a long one, so buckle up people!

As many of you know, this weekend I traveled to Toronto to attend a business conference for my upcoming Beauty Coaching Community launch. As many of you also know, I was terrified. This is because my last business travel occurred October 2017 in Las Vegas. Yes, I was literally right across the street from one of the worst mass shootings in America, and I was on lock down in an auditorium for many hours. This was one of the most traumatic moments of my life, and because of this I have been terrified to travel outside of Missouri. We were even slated to go on a Grecian cruise this summer, and because of my fears we cancelled it. (FYI, Greece is on my bucket list, so this tells you how fearful I was).

However, something challenged this fear as this spring I was introduced into a business community that was like no other. When I first registered for the TRIBE course (an in depth training on starting a membership site/community) I found it strange that the leader, Stu McLaren, called his course TRIBE. I honestly thought it may have been a Canadian thing that went over my head :) I took the course non-stop and finished towards the end of May, and felt so overwhelmed but did yearn for more details on how I could do this to better serve my people. So, I decided to attend TRIBE Live 2018 held in Toronto this past weekend. You see where this is going right? I was going to have to face my fear of travel to get to this conference that was going to help me learn to better serve my community. Many thoughts ran through my head, and I went back and forth on whether or not I should attend.

I did end up deciding to go (only if Tommy would accompany me), and set the travel arrangements. I can honestly say this was the best decision I ever made (you will find out why in a second)! Yes, it was hard leaving my little guy (although he was well cared for by Grammy/Grampy) and it was hard knowing if anything terrible happened I would be in another country BUT sometimes we have tackle fear to grow. Plus, I would have Tommy with me for support.

Upon arrival Tommy saw that I got us a corner room so that he would have a nice view during the day, as he was using this time to write on his dissertation. He got to stare at the harbor of Lake Ontario while writing, and he had a very productive 4 days. I spent my 4 days in the conference, and like I mentioned it was the most amazing time of my life! I now get why Stu calls it TRIBE because it is exactly that...a TRIBE, a family, a community of like minded business owners with a drive to serve. I have never felt more accepted by a group of strangers (okay I knew one from KCMO before leaving, shout out to my girl Michelle) in my life. Usually at networking events you can find posted up on the wall with my nose buried in my phone as to avoid any human contact! LOL, but its true! I was the opposite at this event because I felt like I belonged, and it was an amazing feeling! There were people from 48 different countries at this event...you, guys I literally met someone from Tasmania (shout out to Tony)! When I met him, I was scared to admit that I thought Tasmania was a made up place from which the cartoon devil originated. Furthermore, I had no idea it was located in Australia!!! I met so many nice people from places like British Columbia, Colorado, London, Bali, and so many more. They were all so nice and were genuinely interested in my community (even gave me more ideas on how I could better serve you all)! I could go on for days about how nice they were! It was so cool that when Tommy and I explored Toronto in the evenings/last day (I would wear my TRIBE shirt), and other Tribers would see me and say hello! Just pure awesomeness!!!

But alas, all great things must come to an end and I must go home to my baby (who I miss tons)! I will be back next year and can't wait to see the TRIBE! Thank you Stu for making this all possible! You and your TRIBE family are simply amazing!

I want to also add how blessed I am for having gotten to take this amazing trip. If someone would have sat me down a decade ago, and told me that in less than 10 years I would be in a career that I loved, helping to make people feel beautiful, getting to travel internationally (to beautiful places like Toronto) for business, and meeting people from 48 different countries, I simply would have laughed at them and asked them what drugs they may be taking! Seriously! I cannot believe where life takes you, and I am so excited to see what this next year holds!

What we learned on our trip:

- We need to travel more often because it was amazing!

- In Toronto the servers say "Cheers" when they bring you your drinks! I love this!

- Toronto taxi cab drivers are crazy drivers, and they have a strong hate for Uber drivers!

- Canadians definitely rag on the CAD vs. USD, like all of the time!

- I still don't (and probably never will) understand the exchange rate for the CAD from USD!

- There are so many people in Toronto it reminded me of NYC! and such a beautiful melting pot of different cultures!

- Drivers in Toronto love using their horns! Like so much so, that the repair shops must have to keep them in stock to be replaced often! Where I am from we typically use our horns to say hello to someone we know (or at least that is all I use it for), so I couldn't help but turn to look (thinking it was someone I know) every time I heard a horn. So needless to say my neck got a workout over 4 days.

- Toronto loves Tim Horton Coffee over Starbucks!

- The Toronto weather in June is AMAZING!!! It was breezy, sunny, and mild (like 70s/80s) the whole trip. The locals kept saying how hot it was, and Tommy and I would chuckle to each other.

- Don't fly with American Airlines! LIKE EVER!

- Toronto had a recycling bin next to every trashcan...literally everywhere in the city! Even in the hotel room!!!

- The Canadian Border patrol did not stamp my passport! What's up with that? Am I missing something? I could have sworn one of the perks of having a passport was being able to reminisce on all of your many travels by viewing the stamps!!!!

- Canadians are so very nice and helpful! Didn't meet a rude one the whole trip!

- I love Toronto and will be back next summer for TRIBE Live 2019!