New Website Launch

So if you are here then you must know that this is our official website launch day!!! Over the past several weeks I have spent many late nights creating this new and improved website for my guests! It was a labor of love, and there were possibly many tears shed. Why you ask? Well, anyone who has spoken to me for more than a few minutes knows that I struggle with technology, which makes no sense because I am only 34 years young. I should be able to whip around the world wide web with no troubles at my age, but the sad fact is that it isn't that easy for me. So on more than one occasion I thought that I may have deleted my entire website.

Picture this it was 2 a.m. and I was still working on my website in the living room chair, as my husband slept in the recliner next to me. And then it happened....I did (or thought I had done) the unthinkable. I deleted everything I had created over the past several days. All that work down the drain...time wasted...with a gasp and tears I decided "Screw It! I don't need a new website!" My loving and patient husband figured out that I had just logged off the application, and when I logged back in I used a different login. It seems I had two different accounts (who knew)! He got me on the right track and after wiping my tears and feeling embarrassed by how dumb that was, I was hard at work again. Finally, several weeks later and I now have a beautiful new website. One that is easily navigable for my clients, and much prettier to look at! I am in love!!! Please explore it and let me know if you find any kinks! I have checked it over many times, and so has my husband, but you never know! Thanks for visiting!